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Monday, October 10, 2016 - 2:39 pm

The Feeling of a Card

Zinnia Zinnia

I have an amazing friend, and we’ve known each other for more than 25 years. One of my favorite things about her is that she mails me a card for every holiday, including St. Patrick’s Day and National Dog Day. She takes the time to choose the perfect card for me, write a short note inside and sign it. Sometimes, the card's' message is simply to say "hi." Being the recipient of her cards and knowing that she's thinking of me has been the highlight of some of my less-than-sunny days.

Like most of us, trips to the post office consist of trudging over to my box, unlocking it and finding it stuffed with junk mail and bills. But I always get a little thrill when I see an envelope in there that looks and feels like something altogether different from the rest of the mail. I love to open that non-invoice-shaped envelope to find a fun or meaningful card inside, sent especially to me.

Sending a card is confirmation to someone that you're thinking about them, and that you took time out of your busy day to remember that person!

Yes, we can call our friends, or send a quick text, email or FB message. But, nothing can replace the feeling of finding a card in your mail, and ripping open the envelope filled with anticipation about what’s inside. Think about your friends and whose life you could light up by spending just a few minutes and mailing them a card. You don’t have to write an essay inside the card, just a short note or a simple "Hi there!"

We all know the term “random acts of kindness.” Sending a card to a friend can be today's act of kindness. It's so simple and so much more personal. In these days of intense social media an act of personal attention and kindness will go a long way. It’s the handwritten and long lasting thought that counts!

Today's the perfect day to make somebody’s day and mail them a card.






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